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lunedì 11 ottobre 2010

IOTA Contest 2009-Provisional Results

IZ3LES, I3PGZ, IZ3PUR, IZ3OBM, IZ3NYK, IZ3GYS --- I5JKI isn't in the photo

REPORT:This year, despite the low sun-spots, we received 2189 logs (a record), some 596,000 qsos sufficient to enable us adjudicate 70% of all qsos. In addition, we have received photographs from 248 stations, and more than a 68% of the stations entered their location using google maps.We have integrated both the maps and photographs on the results page and we hope that they would provide a richer experience.We also give you the opportunity to enter/edit your location on google maps and you can email any contest related photographs (1 per station) to the contest manager: iotacontest@rsgbcc.orgMany thanks for taking part in IOTA 2010. Certificates will be sent to leading scorers in each category and a list of trophy winners will be published in due course.APPEALS:Should you have any queries/disagreements about our adjudication please let us know IMMEDIATELY. The results will be finalised by November 1st 2010.RESULTS PAGE: GALLERY: IOTA contest page:

Ranking overall (of 2189 logs sent!)
IL3T 28° absolute, Italian, 14° absolute into the his Category
Thanks to all.

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